When I first learned about meditation, it seemed like a joke that many people were a part of. Sitting for 10-30 minutes, in my own thoughts, just didn’t seem feasible. I kept telling myself that it would be wasting 10-30 minutes of my precious time, and there would be no benefit at the end. I was “way too busy,” trying to do as much as possible, and imagined that doing nothing for a portion of my day would never help me get anywhere in life. “Why meditate?” I thought; “Meditation is for fools and people that like wasting time.” Most people think they know everything about themselves, and I was one of them. There was no need for me to spend time on my emotions, just keep moving forward with my life without taking the time to gather my feelings or needs. I was set on the fact that meditation would not be part of my life or my success.  


     Meditation continued appearing in my life, either in books or as recommendations from people who inspired me.  I began reading books about it, listening to podcasts, and asking questions. One of the first books that really caught my attention was “The Law of Attraction” by Esther and Jerry Hicks. The first chapter of the book taught me how to meditate correctly: “for 15 minutes each day, sit in a quiet room, wear comfortable clothing, and focus on your breathing. As your mind wanders, and it will, just release the thought and focus back on your breathing” (Hicks, 2006 p12). After reading the rest of the book and learning how powerful meditation was, I started reading more books about it and started meditating almost everyday for at least 10 minutes. The first couple of meditation sessions felt really good and gave me powerful feelings afterwards. I was finally able to relax, destress, and keep my mind from racing in every direction. After a month of consistent meditation, my subconscious gave me strong insight to my deepest emotions, and I felt myself connected to something higher than me. It would feel as though someone was flashing a light right through me, seeing me for who I am. Sometimes the light was bright and warm, and sometimes very heavy and dark. I couldn’t understand what was happening but the feeling was enjoyable and allowed me to see the world through different eyes.


      Throughout my meditation practice, I realized that my mind was cluttered with useless thoughts and information from my past. I began understanding the importance of meditation and why everyone should at least give it a try. It takes time and practice to feel the effects and understand what one is doing, but I now believe the profound benefits are endless. Though results may vary per person, this is what meditation has brought to my life:


  • Allows me to focus on the present moment
  • Helps me navigate through a problem
  • Relieves stress
  • Relaxation
  • Strengthens my intuition
  • Helped me discover my purpose in life
  • Heightened concentration
  • Happiness
  • Fills me up with positive thoughts
  • Raises my frequency
  • Helps me focus on my breathing 

Meditation from a professional

      A big part of my journey with meditation has been my long-time friend and life-coach, Jonathon Dugan. Dugan and I met back in Vegas, working in the restaurant industry together. We began going on hikes and had really deep talks about life, the past, and what we wanted to accomplish. We were in vastly different stages of our life, but both wanted change and growth. There were a lot of similarities between us but we also had very different views and opinions, and I think that is what made our friendship work. On one of those hikes he told me he wanted to become a life coach. I always supported his decision and I knew he would be great at it. One of the most impactful things that we did together was meditate when we took breaks on our hike. He would guide our meditation and it was some of the deepest meditation experiences I have ever had. Everytime we finished, it felt like a rush of positive energy flowed through my body. It’s one of the most invigorating and addicting encounters I’ve ever felt. I learned a lot about meditation from Dugan and I know he can help a lot of people start their path to meditation. I’m proud to call him a friend and he is truly changing people’s lives. He has been working on his craft for a couple of years now and got his certification to be a life coach through iPEC (Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching). He recently came out with a FREE meditation course that you can follow if you’re new to meditation, and even if you are an expert, you can still reap the benefits of it. Check out hcliving.org for all his content and services.





Hicks, Esther. “My Fears Were Resolved .” The Law of Attraction: the Basic Teachings of Abraham, by Jerry Hicks, Hay House, 2006, pp. 11–12.



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Jonathon Dugan

Great information on meditation my friend! Happy to be part of your journey and such a pleasure to be part of this blog!!

Ahmad Ali

Nice story and motivational for people like me who are planning for it.


Mindfulness meditation changed my life! Trying to incorporate some daily visualization into my life now now. Great post.

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