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     What’s up everyone, my name is Jovanne Diego and this is going to be a small introduction about me. I am 31 years old grew up in Las Vegas. I recently moved to Tulsa, Oklahoma and I am loving life outside of Sin City. I enjoy working out, trying new sports all the time, hiking and in general anything outdoors. Most of my time is dedicated to learning something new or just simply trying to be better then yesterday.


     This blog is about self-improvement and wellness and it includes some tips and ideas on how to be a better YOU. One can create the life they’ve always wanted by simply doing more. I will be featuring products, people, and brands that I whole-heartedly believe in, while also believing in the good they put into this world.


     Becoming a better version of yourself involves a lot of changes in your life, both big and small. This will include mental, physical, and even spiritual journeys that all begin with you believing in the end goal. I will be here to give you tips, guidance, and hopefully a new mindset that can help you take those necessary steps to a better you.

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